Blockchain Certificates

Credentia's blockchain certificates bring security and accountability to educational achievements, saving money through seamless identification and preventing fraud.


Credentia's vision is to bring the leading edge of blockchain and identification technology to the world of education.

Services & Products

Our main product is our web-based blockchain certificate issuing system; however, we also provide blockchain and ID tech development assistance.


Credentia's blockchain certificate issuing system

Our certificates are unfalsifiable, eternal, GDPR-compliant, decentralized, generated and verified with open source tools, and compliant with several W3C and IMS Global standards. We also provide white-label certificate issuing services.

Development assistance for Blockchain-related services

Our team of blockchain, web, and edtech veterans can help with creating blockchain applications.

Video demonstrating issuance of blockchain certificates (Japanese)

This video shows the behind-the-scenes issuing process for our certificates, generated according to the "Blockcerts" standard. It also shows how certificates are verified. We'll have an English version available soon, along with a demonstration of our new web-based issuing service.


Two awards received at METI-sponsored hackathon

Credentia Blockchain Technologies participated in the Blockchain Hackathon 2019, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, operated by Recruit R&D Staffing, and held at LIFULL Hub in Kojimachi, Tokyo on February 9, 16, and 17. The theme … Read More

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Cert issuing system UI update

We’ve updated the UI for our main product, our blockchain certificate issuing web app “Credentia Cloud”. We’ll have more updates on this, including screenshots, soon!

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The Team

Credentia Japan

Alex, founder of Credentia

Alex Kodate

Founder, Technical Lead

Blockchain & React/React Native dev, data scientist, and Japanese bilingual

Led the team that received the CSAJ Prize and the Anderson Mōri & Tomotsune Prize at “Blockchain Hackathon 2019”, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Lead developer of the free universal test prep app, the Anything App social network connecting specialists with help-seekers, and an industrial equipment monitoring application run by Anaxa.

Kenta Akutsu

Co-Founder, Director

An alumnus of Tama Art University, Kenta is an art director, video creator, and web designer.

Prizewinner at the 2009 Epson Color Imaging Contest

His first novel, “The 8 Beats of the Monkey and the Tomato” won the major Song Novels prize—the patipati Prize—in 2010, and was published.

Member of the team that received the CSAJ Prize and the Anderson Mōri & Tomotsune Prize at “Blockchain Hackathon 2019”, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In 2013, Kenta moved to Thailand and established the RAWLENS video marketing company. In 2018, the company’s advanced nature was recognized by the Thai Ministry of Industry, receiving designation as a BOI company. Kenta makes good use of his creativity as a director in the fields of video, design, and more at Credentia.

Credentia's frontend engineer

Shota Takahashi

Frontend Lead

Director of thinkShake Seisakusho
Co-sponsor of wack hack sendai

After receiving his master’s degree from Tohoku University, Shota joined NTT Data, working in both development and management.

After leaving the company and working as a high school teacher, he established thinkShake Seisakusho, a systems engineering company that provides a wide variety of systems to suit customers exact needs.

From 2017 to 2018, he worked on Co-LABO-MAKER’s experimental equipment sharing platform. As lead developer, he participated in development, project management, and management strategies.

He began the wack hack sendai project in 2019 to boost the IT industry in Sendai City, and was a member of Credentia’s prizewinning team at METI’s “Blockchain Hackathon 2019”.


Credentia Thailand

Blockchain certificates' role in society

Here are a few of the merits of moving paper-based certificates onto the blockchain, digitizing and decentralizing them:

Prevent credential fraud

Using hashes and other cryptographic techniques, the validity of our blockchain certificates' content can be evaluated trustlessly.

Last forever yet maintain privacy

Since the hash values of our blockchain certificates are stored on the blockchain, the certificates can always be validated. Since no personal information is stored on the blockchain, privacy is protected in accordance with GDPR standards.

Easy to share

Certificates can be shared by students on any device, or through the Blockcerts mobile wallet, to give prospective employers or schools a standardized, trustworthy certificate containing both machine and human readable information. Printing costs and identity confirmation costs can be cut or eliminated.