We’ve issued our first blockchain certificates for education in Thailand

A sample blockchain certificate Credentia issued for Thai customers

We’ve successfully issued our first blockchain certificates in Thailand for the Thai blockchain community.

Helping to prevent academic credential fraud with blockchain certificates

Academic credential fraud is a serious problem in southeast Asia, creating inequalities and distortions in the hiring marketplace.

Since the content of Credentia’s blockchain certificates is tied to hashes written onto the blockchain, it cannot be altered—making the certificates capable of preventing resume fraud.

Using our web-based issuing system, Credentia Cloud

These certificates were issued using the blockchain certificate issuing application we designed and built—Credentia Cloud.

Certificates issued using this system conform to the Blockcerts international open standard (as well as several others, including Open Badges and JSON-LD), making them portable and interoperable with other organizations’ platforms.

About Blockcerts

Blockcerts originated from MIT’s Media Lab in 2017, and has since been adopted by universities in over nine countries. It is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for blockchain credentials in education.

For more information on Blockcerts, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and other related concepts, you can read our founder’s articles on Medium (Japanese).

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